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Protean electric hub motors in 2014

Article about funding and making them in China.
Protean Electric snags $84 million to produce in-wheel motors in China

Video in link above is worth watching.

Company website:
Protean Electric

I first saw an image in a car forum and looked it up, which first brought me to this short article below.

2013 10Best 10 Most Promising Technologies – Feature – Car and Driver

Ferdinand Porscheís idea of building a hybridís electric motors into the wheel hubs leaves more space for passengers and batteries, but carmakers have hesitated to adopt this arrangement, fearing that major increases in unsprung weight will harm rough-road ride and handling. Challenging that assumption, Protean Electric contracted with Lotus Engineering to conduct extensive tests *comparing a standard sedan with one propelled by wheel-hub motors. Lotusís surprising conclusions: Average drivers wonít notice the performance degradation attributable to extra unsprung weight, and normal development tuning should overcome most steering, ride, and handling ill effects. Protean expects to start wheel-hub-motor production in 2014.

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