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Best aeromod contstruction methods?

Hi chaps, This is my first post on ecomodder but I have been hypermiling for a couple of years now.
My weapon of choice is a Citroen AX 1.5d. which has returned a best figure of 72mpg (UK) with 40 psi in the tyres and some basic hypermiling techniques. Average mpg is between 58 to 62.

Now I want to get serious with it and give it a scangauge and some aero mods:
rear wheel skirts (cos I think they look sweet), a partial Kammback, smoothed bumpers ect.

Is there a proven construction method for these? I was considering light ply structures with model aircraft film as covering or GRP moulding.

I don't want to go at it all wrong and over-complicate it, but I dont want it to stand out in a way that gets me pulled over every week.

Many thanks.

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