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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
It [CO2] is the most important heat insulator in our atmosphere and no matter how many times you say it, you cannot change the laws of physics.
Maybe, but CO2 has risen for 16 years, temps have not. There are more powerful GHGs - Methane is 16x more powerful.

Question - Is the focus on CO2 misplaced ? Is there something else which is more worrying ?

Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Again, it's not the wood burning per se, it's the fact of several million people crammed into a small area doing it. No different than this:
Agreed - but this is potentially a worked example of a city descending into the old ways of burning wood for fuel and heat, which is a potential solution to heating homes if / when someone decides we can no longer rely on the electric grid or the gas supply.

Imagine New York dwellers burning wood for heat, that might be an issue.

I want to post a quick note here.

These debates exist on several blogs, websites, news places and so on. Often they descend or even encourage the use of name calling - from the idea of "Watermellon", "Alarmist" or even "Fear Monger" on the "anti" side to "Denier", "Flat Earther" or worse on the "pro" side.

None of these help, they just make people fall out and we get nowhere.

I'm avoiding this with my postings and I would appreciate it if others would refrain too.

For example I don't appreciate the idea of "retarded" or "ignorant" being applied - I read stuff, you read stuff - we bring it to the table and talk it out. The former is especially insulting as it is usually applied carelessly to those with learning difficulties along with "spaz", it reflects more on the person using the word that the one it is aimed at.

I hope I have achieved this but if not and someone feels genuinely like I've insulted them personally I'm happy to apologise - reading a posting on a website is very different from talking to someone in person, just like an email is different from a phone call.

I value (and maybe disagree) with the opinions of the people here. Maybe we get something of value or not - I hope we do. We might not agree, we might not pursuade but it is a useful debate in any case.

So please lets exchange facts - science etc. and leave the other words at home.

[I]So long and thanks for all the fish.[/I]
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