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Living in Texas and realizing that 90% of the A-holes that drive trucks is to compensate for a small wiener, or some breeding $lut to ensure that she kills other offspring to ensure hers will grow up and breed, I can barely contain my happiness at this news.

I have been preaching this for years, that humans see height as a status or power thing. That's what these trucks have represented.

Another thing, why is it these morons can seem to swerve from following too close like their driving a Ferrari, forcing those behind them to lock up the brakes, but yet, continually I fail to see this selfish, wasteful behavior with 99% of car drivers.

I am all for a GVW and/or formulaic gas tax. You can easily base this miles driven between registrations/by EPA mileage average/by average fuel costs. And come up with a "registration fee"

Come up with that formula, and it will force people to drive something more efficient and keep trucks for what they are made for.

This will kill these things for good.

You want to drive a truck? Buy a farm and clean up the atmosphere with plants you grow, since you all have belched out enough hydrocarbons for 3-4 people.

No need for 5000 lbs battering rams. Want to drive a brick? Get an RV. You don't fit in a small car? Cut off your legs or get your stomach tied up!

And you know what I voted for Bush, so I'm not green radical. (Who's gonna admit that!)

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