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Originally Posted by radioranger View Post
Well if it's warming every one should do the free things first, how about everyone having a white roof when replaced , quite a bit of energy gain there, at 1000w per square meter facing the sun, and go from there, white cars another freebie, seems every body wants other people to change , not themselves, I'll go along with all the free , unrestricted ideas first, if people don't promote that , they're just after power or maybe even psychologically using this issue for the real problems nobody wants to mention,
It would be impossible to repaint all existing structures, but I've always thought a mandate for white cars and roofs was an excellent idea... From a practical standpoint. Especially since a white car stays several degrees cooler in the sun, which means less AC use, which means less fuel use.

Oh... And mandate concrete roads. They're more reflective, and the harder surface improves fuel economy.