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B-b-b-but aren't we all red on the inside, or at least pink?

Slightly confused - anti revisionist ?
A term compounded as a retort to You-know-what Denier.

It's always interesting when no subject is off the table, except for one. You are welcome to any opinions you may have about our Civil War. Not that I was there, but I'm starting to suspect that the Bolsheviks were rolling for the Atlantic coast, when Mr. H. met them half-way in Poland.

In fact let's have a summary, just for fun :
You did that pretty well.

Following the precautionary principle seems obvious, but that has a huge opportunity cost.
And that is profoundly true. Should we burn the petroleum for fuel, or to make plastics so we don't ever need fuel again?

But I still don't trust that Mellon family.

NeilBlanchard -- Thanks for pointing the finger of suspicion at the termites. They've been getting off too easy for too long.