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Originally Posted by justme1969 View Post
If you see my brag post for 2nd car kia sephia I need a cheapo smoke generator to test aerodynamic flow. Any Ideas???
Currently using a 12v windshield washer bottle with single sprayer and push button but water does not atomize enough for true results.
Ive moved it as far forward as possible to no better effect.
Under 55mph fluid collides with windshield.
I know aerodynamics change with speed and all but I just dont feel like this test is correct with the specific gravity of fluid stream in air.
This may be a better way to test for the air pockett at transition to the windshield though?? not sure but I have no baseline for test so I must conscider all results false.
*Ram air is introduced into a hollow vessel comprised of metal wool soaked in SHELL Ondina oil,which is electrically heated to liberate the smoke which is then carried at normal velocity to the smoke wand or other exit.
It's essential that the smoke exit at exactly the same velocity as the airsteam it enters to prevent the creation of a jet or antijet.

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