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Originally Posted by PaleMelanesian View Post
True. Even in my Odyssey with an autotragic transmission. I just have to be more careful to avoid it downshifting.

One of my common drives is a two hour stretch of highway, half flat and half rolling hills. Consistently, I get 30+ mpg in the rolling hills half, and struggle to reach 28 in the flat part. Hills provide natural p&g even if you're not trying.

With a manual transmission it's not even close. Hills all the way, every time.
Today I drove with my family across some mountainous roads in our automatic SUV and I felt a little piece of me die when the transmission was kicking down a gear up the hills and braking down the hills My mother hates it when I shift to neutral and all, and besides the automatic just idles high when you put it in neutral while moving.

Manual transmission anyday, ftw.
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