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I like it. But I'd pick a color that isn't named after a food. So silver or blue.

Originally Posted by HydroJim
I like the concept. It's along the lines of what I wanted to do when I'm older. They need to work on the aerodynamics though. 84 mpg might not be enough to convince people to buy them. The price is definitely very good though. Hopefully it's not a scam
I can see why you'd like it. What's the budget on your project? Someone was targeting $5K plus a lot of sweat equity. I think the aero is OK for the upright seating position, especially compared to Arcimoto, but it could be cleaned up a bit in the exposed front suspension.

From their website FAQ:
Best of all, our option partners have some amazing technology for you to choose from, with really no limits! So you can look at your Elio as being a total reflection of you – and a fun and forever work in progress.
So, mass customization. I would expect something at SEMA 2013.

Edit:chrisgerman1983 -- Remember Preston Tucker?
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