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Yes, 1 liter Suzuki car engine

Yes I like the 1 liter 3 cylinder Suzuki engine. It is very efficient, reliable, cheap, readily available and only weighs 140 lbs! I have had Geo Metros and they get 50 to 60 mpg, and with "eta" I hope to cut the weight of the vehicle in half. I like the idea of using a automotive engine and drive train, as it will be very lightly loaded in this application. It will have plenty of torque, and over-engineered brakes, etc. A motorcycle would be more heavily loaded than it was designed for, might have cooling problems, doesn't have enough electrical output, and most do not have reverse. Dave Norton's Shrike is based on a motorcycle and it goes through tires very rapidly, has clutch problems, and has no reverse gear. I intend to get a Geo Metro donor car for cheap and rebuild the parts I need, I suspect a motorcycle might cost me just as much or more. I also think motorcycles are not tuned for economy, but power.
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