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Originally Posted by rickjames8 View Post
As far as your class C boat tail is concerned, do you think it would function the same if it just had the sides, and no back? This way you could have access to that space, and even place a cargo box or spare tire in there. Rear lights would simply be mounted to the edges. Any rear window would still let in light.
I have seen where the optimal shape has a cavity at the back end that is ~12% the depth of the opening's minimal width. I think for our purposes, either is acceptable, but the closed back end keeps dust out, and the OP is planning on expanding his living space (if he hasn't already).

Also, I've noticed that coroplast seems to be the material of choice for all boat tails. I have always enjoyed working with fiberglass. What is the main reason people do not use fiberglass? It has strength when it hardens, so you could save weight with a lighter frame while still having the structure rigid. I think in the end, the weight might be equal. Thats just a guess.
I worked some with coroplast (search for Suzuki Swift Boat Tail). It's fairly easy to work with, and if the shape isn't what you hoped for you can easily shim it to change the shape. It also has a nice smooth surface with no real effort. I built a 4' boat tail and took it for it's maiden run in an afternoon with coroplast. Mine looked ok. Another user has built a 4' out of fiberglass, and it took him something like a year of all his spare time. His looks OEM gorgeous! I guess it just depends.

Lastly, how long do you think a boat tail on a RV would need to be to be very effective? I'm looking at 21-foot RVs primarily because I didn't like driving a longer one when I owned a big class A. I'd like to not add any more than 18 inches to the back, but would that get noticable results or be worth the effort?
I think it would be worth the effort, definitely. Actually, at 18" long, you might be better off leaving it hollow. Welding isn't so bad, and some screws hold coroplast firmly in place, but if you want to use fiberglass and make a real beauty, I will certainly watch .
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