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Turtle Old School hypermiler PULSE AND GLIDE

Hi all

First off it is good to see people being proactive in reducing there carbon foot prints And just saving some money. I myself am a avid hypermiler I own a
2001 Honda civic lx (automatic) with 161000 miles and going strong. I currently get 50-56 mpg. Here is a little tid bit on a technique that was taught to me while I was in the military (ARMY) for all of 14 years. The technique is called pulse and glide
sadly the military does not teach this method any more as a standard tactical driving method. The technique pulse and glide was born during WORLD WAR II when the greatest effective method in a war is to ambush fuel and ration supply convoys i.e trucks that was sent to refuel tanks,armored vehicles and troop transport vehicles.
Well this happed offend to U.S armed forces wide particularity to the ARMY. With out fuel to run vehicles GAME OVER but out of psychological resilience and a health does of never give up. Soldiers improvised and learned to use techniques the lead to fuel rationing and effectively increasing the Mpg's. I had the pleasure of being taken under the wing of one of the finest military tactical driving instructors (ARMY).
I was taught a modified version of pulse and glide
technique. and I have using pulse and glide ever sense 1996. But come to find out to my surprise pulse and glide is the same techniques used hypermiling.
Which is PULSE= steady footing on that gas pedal and never I never repeat going above 2000 rpms ( keep your cool) GLIDE= coasting in neutral on all declines and flat leveled roads no highways.
Now this method was originally for rural roads (unpaved) hence the modified version I said I was taught. Which is as you may have guessed paved modern roads also this method involves rpm matching which is a whole other ball game. This method can be used with manual and automatic transmissions. Again I was taught this and practice this method for over 6 years I do not recommend rpm matching in a automatic transmission. But with the pulse and glide method I an able to achieve 50-56 Mpg constantly.

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