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Because a small, bespoke diesel compliant with vehicular emissions standards would likely push the price too high. Even if you have a small twin-cylinder, direct injection adds over a thousand dollars to the price tag (replacement injectors, brand new, are 600-800 dollars), on top of the extra cost of the turbocharger and stouter engine block.

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That could be. Is the Suzuki engine sourced from India? Notice the fineness ratio of the earlier design. It looks like the wheelbase is shortened as well.

But overall, I prefer the design elements of the VW Nils:

Especially the useable trunk over the Mustang-style bubble top on the Elios. Can you see this as a 3-wheeler? Those A-pillars look like they'd have a 5-star rating. It's even got bumpers.
That is certainly pur-ty. Depends on where the motor is. But maybe a narrowed rear end would work.


The K10B is built in India by Maruti for Suzuki. Cheap motor with solid engineering, variable valve timing and Euro IV compliance. Besides that, you've got the Chevy 1.0 and the Hyundai/Kia Kappa 1.0, but those are made in Korea and might be more expensive for an outsider to purchase.
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