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I would absolutely drive one of these. Locally at least, not entirely sure about main highways and never on the Interstate...

For roughly the same performance as the Early Classic Messerschmitt, may I suggest the BugE as a starting point?

BugE Main Page Earth for Earthlings

The body kit, with minor modification of the fairing(as in, a complete one) and maybe a beefier suspension would make a great Faux-Messerschmitt glider IMO. Once you've decided on a power source (EV, Gas or Diesel) and perhaps a CVT transmission for Highway speeds if you're brave I'm thinking you might have pretty close to what you want.

As far as your Messerschmitt replica goes though-how fast do you want it, how stable do you need it and how durable does it need to be? Are we talking about the early models limited to about 40 MPH or the last models at 58 MPH or so? Also, what is your theoretical budget for this trike, and what is your preferred fuel?

On the EV side, here's what one hobbyist did with his:

Lithium BugE

You'll also note that he then built a beefier, fully-enclosed version by hand later on:

Lithium Hawk

Since I have no budget whatsoever for now or the forseeable future i'd be very interested in seeing what you come up with...
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