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AS we try to save money on gas, are we wearing our vehicles out quicker? What do I mean? Let's say, coasting downhill in neutral. While it is saving gas, you'll probably be using your brakes more, hence, wearing out the pads.

It's like driving down a long mountain grade (I use to drive a school bus, so this is what I was taught). Do you use your transmission (lower gears) or your brakes to slow down? If you think about it, if you use your brakes and lose them, your transmission won't stop you, however, if you're in a nice low gear (And I've experience being in such, in a full bus, that I did not have to use my brakes at all), you might not have to use your brakes, but you're wearing out your transmission quicker, but your brakes will be there if you lose your transmission.

So it's basically figuring out what evil is worst. With my commute, I plan my downhills so I will hit then slow enough, so I won't need my brakes, but stay in drive for just that bit of braking. Of course, I piss off alot of people because I hit those hills slow.
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