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Sorry for the confusion, Mr. Firstlaw- not trolling at all.

I don't have too much experience with sub-compacts, but my father in law is an enthusiast of Geo and Kia, and when I drove them, I felt like I really had to push the things to get them to do what I wanted.

So, not "underpowered" in the sense of "my vehicle is more powerful than yours", simply in the sense of "is it really economical to try to push a (relatively) heavy vehicle with the smallest engine possible? Would not make more sense to give a very light vehicle an engine that could essentially 'idle' down the road?"

For example, I know a guy who put a large V6 on a small tricycle type frame, and the unit itself got extremely high mileage. I do not recall the numbers, but I remember wondering if perhaps the unit would not have gotten such good mileage had the engineer chosen a smaller engine.

Okay, all for now.

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