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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr
The Messerschmitt is really interesting. The traction layout is a good option for a DIY project due to the low cost and simplicity.
Maybe I'm getting carried away. A [Formula 1]-safe tub with a late model scooter drivetrain on the back and a go-kart front axle on 1/4 elliptic springs would be capable of freeway speeds. If the axle was reverse-dropped and went over the drivers feet wouldn't it lean correctly in the corners?

OTOH, here's a carbon fiber cage that contains an electric motor, clutchless single speed transmission and Quaife differential, all in the form factor of a Porsche 901 transaxle.

This would make a sweet EV version of the KR500/VW Nils.
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