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NeilBlanchard -- Those are great posts. I knew of both cars, but you've provided more on them than I'd seen elsewhere. Thanks. Any specs on the wheelbase, track, &etc.?

How does the Urbee's 3D printed body panels make you feel?

The Trev appears to have a canopy that both alligators from the rear bulkhead and hinges down the right side. Am I not getting something? Maybe the 'problem' isn't the H-point so much as those 14" wheels.

In General Efficiency I started a thread on recreating the Messerschmitt Kabinenroller. I pointed to the articles on Autospeed that were based on the Trev. I like Julian Edgars' writing. For reference they are
Issue: 543/Section: Technical Features /11 August, 2009/Cardboard Cars?
Issue: 516 /Section: DIY Tech Features/3 February, 2009/Building an Ultra Light-Weight Car, Part 1
Issue: 517/Section: DIY Tech Features/10 February, 2009/Building an Ultra Light-Weight Car, Part 2
Issue: 521/Section: Technical Features/10 March, 2009/Custom Bubble Canopies
But I encourage you to visit that thread.

Does anyone have a way to scrape all 50 pages into a .pdf file? More specifically, Has any one posted the VW Nils?

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