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Regor you are right about brakes but like you I meter my break usage.
I too use hills as a advantage I never go over 50 mph and I piss people off. when I do break I use the intermediate counting method ( maximum 2-3 second count) lite tap not constant foot on the break pedal. The technique I use has both wear and tear, gas millage in mind again this was an official driving technique used but the military. Of course there are other factors involved like understanding Rpm matching and Rpm sensing and feeling methods. But there is always a tid for a tat in life you will never get 100% out of anything the most you will get is 80% order on a good day the rest of the % is left for change and chaos. But breaks are wear and tear items that can be changed
easy for me versus paying 4 + dollars for gas that can be wasted in a blink of an eye. And with the stated 50-56 Mpg I rather change my breaks any time lol.
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