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500 mostly trouble free EV miles under my belt now! I'm slowly replacing my old 6v lead acids with new ones, so I'm running my '79 VW bus @ 108v, not the 120v I am usually (I have two batteries that need to be replaced that I currently do not have wired into the main pack).
Van runs fine in and around Philadelphia. I drove approx 15 miles the other day- nothing special, just the usual- parked it for the night and charged the batteries. The next day I backed it out of the garage and then when I went to drive off, the van just lost complete power. I quickly turned the pack off, but didnt' smell smoke or hear any kind of POP or anything. So I turned the main pack back on and went in reverse. No problem. I put it in 2nd again and the van started to go forward, but then quickly lost all power. I went in reverse again and once again, she backed right up, but when I stepped on the accelerator and tried to reverse quickly, she lost all power. So I am able to creep around at less than 5mph, but as soon as I try to give her more juice, she just shuts down.
No, the e brake isn't on, and no, I don't have any sort of reversing contactor, just a manual gearbox. As far as I can tell, NOTHING had changed from the night before when she was running perfectly.
I monitor the volts on every 2 batteries, and they all are reading fully charged.
I also monitor the battery amps and that is within the range of normal. The amps even increase as I step on the accelerator, but the van refuses to move.
Everything points to the revolt controller (or maybe the motor?), which is why I posted in this forum.
Before you respond, please be aware that I am a GEARhead, not an electrical engineer and dumb your answers down accordingly. I have the RTD explorer software that happily talks with the controller and I basically know how to use it. I have hooked it up and it *looks* like everything is functioning properly as I step on the accelerator. The lines go up and down in accordance with my foot moving on the accelerator, but there are no flatlines or anything that happens when I accelerate more than the controller wants and shuts down. It keeps reading the same as if I were still accelerating.
Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance.
Joel in Philly
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