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Thanks for scaring me! Just kidding.

Each charger has a cooling fan that runs constantly, so I wasn't too concerned about heat. This morning I charged for 1-1/2 hrs after my commute to work and the chargers were cool to touch.

The chargers were drawing a total of 1060W (+20W for my accessory battery charger), and amazingly (to me), all batteries were at 14.0V after an hour, which would have taken three hours with the old transformer based/regulated chargers at 800-900W. All thanks to the magic of PWM.

Like last night after my commute home, I didn't do a full top up. I cut the charge off once the power consumption dropped under 600W, which occurs just into the absorption charge when all the voltages are holding at 14.5-14.7V.

Round trip: 3.73kW/8.1mi=460wH/mi. Wow...massive improvement over the previous chargers (700wH/mi!!). It's roughly 35% better now, so I am very happy.
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