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well, first trip with it done.... ~60 miles total.

put in enough oil for roughly 4 gallons of fuel.... turns out there was about 2.5 in the tank... thanks to that and the truck's joke of an exhaust system, i did get a noticable scent out of it.

i just loaded my syringe and shot it into the filler... no fuel followed it, so a good deal of it was probably sitting in the filler neck. coming back from what i needed to do, i pumped in 3 gallons of fuel to get the ratio closer to target and to mix in the oil that was sitting in the neck. noticably reduced the scent doing that.

so far, no changes that i can see/feel, but i'll wait to pass judgement on it until i at least get close to the end of the bottle. not like i have much else that requires 2-stroke oil.

sidenote: either the O2 sensor or it's heater is impaired in some way... if the truck doesn't get driven for at least a little distance before the ECM wants to drop into closed loop, the fueling goes WAY lean until the O2 heats up enough to respond properly. not sure if this will effect my experience with the oil or not.
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