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LB works already in 3-5th gears. Not sure exactly what you are talking about adding it to 3-4 gears.

I am not sure i want LB always active in 5th. Also, have you done research on how this long-term effects the cat, EGT's, ect? I would also like to see a dyno sheet with WBO2 readings vs RPM, with LB engaged.

What price point are you looking at now?

Also, with a p28 ecu the car woln't be OBDII anymore, so one would need to retain the factory ecu to swap back into the car for inspections.

What software package are you using to tune the ECU's?

Would love to see a LB active light or indicator integrated into this package, or possibly even a way to adjust the LB engage parameters.

My biggest gripe is that LB woln't engage at 45 mph in 5th. Would love to be able to keep LB active down to about 1500 rpm in 5th, and get rid of the 80mph kickout. But before I felt safe driving with this, I would like to know the reason honda integrated these originally and ensure that there isnt any long-term detriment to my engine or accessories.
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