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Originally Posted by ophidia31 View Post
i think you will have better luck with lawn edging under the front of the bumper. that looks to me like it will hit the dam then get stuck there because of the factory undertray. then it would cause lift, letting more air under the car and you dont want that. i thought the rule was that airdams should be at the front most part of the bumper. if you put a kink in the middle so its like a triangle and pushes the air out from under the car to the sides, i think you might get more out of it then having it flat down like that.
I first bought lawn edging but the stuff is so flimsy that I thought a 30 mph ride would just fold it right back. Maybe I should have bought better stuff.

As I mentioned, above, I'm planning on folding the 'plast over and screwing it UP into the tray. That ought to hold on pretty well and keep it vertical.

Interesting thought about the need for a dam to be in the most forward part of the vehicle (leading edge of the bumper). I'll do some more research and get back to the group on that.

As for making it into a VEE shape, I could do that. There's plenty of room on that tray to screw the thing onto, I'd maybe back it up with aluminum angle to keep it straight down. I had thought about doing that but figured I'd follow the factory's original direction.

Oh, and regarding bringing it up in front of the tire, the pics don't make it clear but the front edge of the tire IS exposed to the oncoming airflow. The fender wraps in and leaves the oncoming tread cutting the air. I thought that making the whole thing into a combo. air dam and tire spoiler (running up as high as needed to fully block the tire) could only help.
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