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Originally Posted by meemooer View Post
Looks alright. I'd be concerned with the top of where is is for the wheel wells. I don't think that you want it to stick out that far, at least not a sharp straight edge. To me that looks like it would create more drag. And also make sure you not going too much lower then the lowest suspension/drivetrain part. I'm quite familiar with exteriors of Fords from the past few years and i'm pretty sure the stock air dam is as low as it needs to be across the middle in the front.
I don't know, i mean it is just my 2 cents. Good work and i'd like to see the results
Yeah, that projection out the side looks a bit crazy but I have to come out that far to shield the tires. I'd originally thought of separate tire spoilers, but seeing as how the front edge of the fender's tire cutout was only a few inches behind the stock air dam I figured I'd just make it one piece. The fender really does wrap that far in, exposing quite a bit of the tread to the oncoming air. I will radius the bottom of the thing, though, once I settle on a height.

As for spoiler height, it's not quite as low as the lowest chassis parts farther back (by at least half an inch). Like I said, I can much more easily make it shorter if I want than add on.

I do want to find out, though, if it makes a big difference on where the air dam is relative to the front edge of the bumper. If it's supposed to be up front, I'll change plans accordingly.
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