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Really depends on circumstance... If someone goes out and buys a $10,000 motorcycle fuel economy is likely not why.

I bought my bike for $740 and put $1586 in new parts (almost every consumable part as well as all factory services done to the mileage). I now have a low mile, very reliable form of transport that gets 60MPG for $2326. As far as cost of ownership. Other than the oil filter there are no parts to buy until 10,000 mile intervals. Other than engine oil there are no fluids to buy. I use acar app to keep track of everything.

Last year I rode 1,950 miles. If it didn't rain so much I would have rode more. Basically if I ride to work and back for one day instead of drive I save $1.82 per day if gasoline is $3 per gallon and $2.12 per day if gasoline is $4 per gallon. That is just in fuel alone.

Motorcycles are cheaper to insure and cheaper to register. I can hold off on registration until I am ready to ride and there is no late fee which depending on when it's registered could be pro rated. (can't do that with a car...$20 late fee for cars in ohio...stupid tax man)

Motorcycles have other benefits also. I can push my bike up the street to the main road and nobody cares (imagine pushing a 2000lb car up the street to save fuel lol). I can EOC on my bike without having to fear losing braking function if brakes are needed multiple times (no brake booster).


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