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Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
So you said (if I understand) that when IN GEAR w/ENGINE ON, NO FUEL flows to the engine when coasting down.
And At NEUTRAL COASTING enough fuel flows to idle the engine.

Need some proof on that.

Because the spark would have to be turned off also. And I just cant see that happening.

That is technology that is VERY similar to "engine off" at lights like BMW is bragging about in their commercials on the 3 series
Yes, it is true! an extent
...on some models

What Chisel was referring to, is DFCO (deceleration fuel cutoff.) some makes and models implement it into the ECU, and dependent upon certain situations, it can indeed save more fuel rather then coasting in neutral.

For example: my 2003 CR-V implements DFCO during pedal off coasting in 3rd & 4th gears down to about 35mph, by engaging the TCLU (IIRC) and then resuming a normal "in gear" coast from 34mph->0mph.

Furthermore, the DFCO works all the way down to ~22mph if I disable overdrive.

This feature is great when I am wanting to use the engine as a brake instead of wearing out the pads and rotors!... But only during deceleration (to stop lights, signs, traffic congestion, etc) or maintaining speeds down a hill without the need of the throttle...

But there are many instances where neutral coasting benefits me more (slight negative grades, idle at stop lights, accelerating via gravity down hills, etc...)

Researching your engine/trans combo and use of a scan/ultra gauge or torque app, will allow you to find these values and optimize your habits accordingly!

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