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I see your accurate points. But I can't get onboard with your philosophy. In fact, I'd like to go faster! While doing so efficiently.

Klaus Savier, in his Rutan designed Canard Pusher aircraft, managed to get 45 mpg while traveling 207 mph! It's possible to have both speed and economy!

Getting 45 MPG at 207 MPH | Autopia |

And now, Klaus has achieved 57MPG at 225MPH. Incredible!

Airliners often achieve over 70 passenger miles per gallon. All while going over 500 miles per hour!

I owned a late model Jetta TDI. While hypermiling was capable of 65MPG, it cost me 4 hours of time per tank of fuel vs driving fast. Or, put another way, my time was worth about $2 dollars per hour. Slow? NO THANK YOU.
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