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The Hobbit - '97 Honda Civic LX
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The Hobbit

New to the eco world, but not automotive. My commute has basically forced me (my wallet) to learn better driving techniques (quit impersonating the Stig) and purchase an economical car (have fun while saving dough.) With a commute of 160mi round trip per day, needless to say, fuel bills were eating me alive. Though I must admit, working 4 days a week and podcasts make up for the drive time. Actually, don't think I can ever go back to two day weekends.

Oh, almost forgot. The Hobbit (as I affectional call it) is ugly, small, but definitely gets the job done. This 1997 Honda Civic LX Sedan, sports genuine Honda hubcaps, beautiful red paint (looks more pinkish,) and common dents only college frat boys can appreciate. No, seriously... bought the car from a guy whose son drove it to school. No puke filled floor boards, but dents along the length of the car. Only to be described as a kegger gone awry and someone running from bumper to bumper trying to evade campus security. Having built numerous Hondas for myself and friends it only made sense to graviate there.

At this point, I've changed to Synthetic Oil, added tire pressure, and learning P&G. I'm at 42mpg in the first month and hope to gain a couple more as time drives on. Looking forward to learning as much as I can and contributing (when I have the appropriate answer.)


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