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There's more to motorcycling (at least on this continent) than getting somewhere. I commuted on a motorcycle year round for a whole bunch of years. I kept tricking myself (and others) into thinking I was doing the economical thing, but now that I think of it, I just really love to ride motorcycles. People thought I was nuts for driving to work in January 1C (33F) pouring rain. I probably was, but I sure was having fun.

The best moments were on my CB400T. Here in BC in winter, if the rain does actually decide to stop, it gets colder. I found that -6C (21F) was the threshold at which the previously accumulated water in my throttle cable would freeze solid about halfway to work. Careful modulation of the brakes and clutch still got me there.

Now I have the Ninja ZX-7R. Not the best commuter. Actually, it's a terrible machine for a 4 mile commute, but I don't care. And now it's winter and I happen to have the Electric Booger, so the Ninja patiently waits till spring.
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