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Double check your air pressure.

Preheat your engine (it really can pay for it self even in your garage).

Think about not doing EOC. Your o2 sensor cools faster and to a lower temp in the bitter cold. It takes longer to warm it to operating temp, keeping you in open loop longer. This erodes some of the advantage that EOC gives you. It also lets your cabin cool, forcing you to bundle up more. Which makes you less comfortable and therefor a less efficient driver. Bumpstarting on compromised surfaces is also a hazard.

Slightly lower top speed. More air drag (from the denser cold air) and thicker goop in your transmission/differential, CV joints, wheel bearings, and your tires being colder and less pliable. The faster each gear tooth or bearing roller has to force oil or grease out of the way the more energy is required to do so.

Get winter tires, better traction means less slipping and sliding. Many compounds have very low rolling resistance. I was very impressed with the hankook I pikes I had on my civic year round.

Edit: What he said about your shift points. They seem high, especially when you consider thick cold oil.

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