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The Jeep! - '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Laredo
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The Caliber - '07 Dodge Caliber R/T
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Okay, so your saying my car shifting into it's highest gear while I glide with the pedal off is actually hurting my fuel economy? If It drops the RPM's from 1600 to 750 at 40mph I'm getting worse than pushing the pedal? That's confusing. Also, In MO, I drove my moms Dodge Caliber R/T which has the largest engine available for 07 and is rated at 29mpg highway. Well MO has lots of hills, and going up a hill, with the speed limit at 75 me going 80, you'd go up these hills that are over 2 miles up and the engine would do 3xxx rpm keeping it going 60, I would have to floor it to go atleast 70, whereas in my Jeep I could keep it at 2200 RPM and keep trudging up the hill with no problem. There's where the Underpowered part comes in. If you frequently drive in MO, your gonna have some problems keeping up with the flow without getting rear ended by a cell phone talker.

1) a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4 w/ 4.0L inline 6 cylinder engine - 70k miles

2) a 1992 GMC Pickup, 4x4, 5.7L engine - 160k miles

The Jeep gets around 17mpg, whereas the old truck gets about 10.
Do a grille block, I did one on my ZJ, and the results are feel-able. also if you do an belly pan, then it will still look like a Jeep without the other Jeeper's laughing at you. Also do as thin an oil as you can. I just switched from Mobil 1 10w-30 full syn High Mileage to Mobil 1 5w-30 full syn Truck and SUV and noticed, with the grille block, have so far done approx 26mpg this tank ^_^ really good results up from 21mpg! that's only judging of going 78 miles on aprox 3 gallons.

Yea.. I drive a Jeep and I'm on a fuel economy site, but you just wouldn't understand... "It's a Jeep thing!" *Jeep Wave*

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