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2x16 LCD Display issues/discussion

FYI, the displays are a whole nuther discussion, so lets break it out here. I had an annoying failure on mine and another user is having to use an uncommon contrast setting (though there might be more going on there). Andrewj said his isn't working either (any news Andrew?) so lets us focus on that a bit here in a seperate thread. Please do try and be constructive, but we may decide that another LCD would be a better choice, though I will put a 2x16 constraint on it for 1.0. Or we may learn the cause of failure is external, but we need to be exacting in the process, not speculative.

FYI, I sent this of to nkc:
Subject: LCD questions

I've been recommending a single source for the LCDs for a fuel efficiency gauge to minimize compatability issues, and wanted to bounce a couple questions off you.

1. I have a LCD I purchased back on 4/6, that is just now missing column of dots (see picture)
Do you have any sort of knowledge base about what makes these things fail? Or can offer any advice about how to keep them from failing?

2. Another person ordered the same LCD, we are using pwm @500hz for the contrast and I found that on most of the units that an analogWrite(15) made a useable display, but this person needs an analogWrite(100). Is there that much variance between otherwise identical LCDs or is it a sign that something else is going on?



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