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I don't ride a lot, but I've always wondered why anyone would ever need more than 250cc. A good 250 bike will hit 60 mph in seven and a half seconds. Which is a few seconds faster than anyone would need to get there without losing their license to the next cop hiding behind a billboard.

And if you want to go faster, all you need is a willingness to shred tires everywhere you go. That should get you in the sub-six second range, easy, without having to buy a two-ton muscle car.

Of course... buying a bigger bike is hardly ever about needs. At least in this case, this one selfish act isn't as silly as a 400 horsepower "sports car" with the aerodynamics and mass of a brick wall.

Not that I'm immune to the allure of speed. All that sheer grunt is definitely pleasurable, though I can't imagine ever needing it on a daily basis.

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