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About time to start

not my car, but the same car I'll be working with. Minus the front hood scoop. And a painted bottom. I want to pull as much MPG I can without sacrificing the off-road/snow capabilities of the vehicle(symmetrical AWD). I probably do like, 40/60 city/highway driving. I'd still like to keep the daytime running lights because people in southern california don't seem to know how to drive in the mountains (and it's required in some areas).

The first 3 mods I'm going to do is the front dam, a kammback, and rear wheel skirts. The front dam will probably have 2 holes for each of the daytime running lights and one at the bottom like AndrewJ's car.

In fact, all the aero mods I'm doing is what you can see on AndrewJ's vehicle

I said I was going to start when gas reached $5 a gallon, and it's already 4.59, so I may as well begin my research.

A couple questions

For mounting all this, did you just screw into the body? Because I want to make the aero mods removable for when I make a snow trip or when I go dirtbiking with the guys(because I don't go dirtbiking, I go rallying).

For the kammback, the problem I seem to face would be mounting the sides. It's all glass and I don't want to mess with the rear de-icers

And a question for the very near future...would a full body of skidplates be aerodynamic enough to replace an undercarriage cover? I'll take some pictures on Monday, June 16th once the US Open playoff is over. They'll be from my phone, so don't really expect much.

I'm more worried about raising my miles per gallon on the highway than in the city. I think I drive like, 200 miles a week on the highway alone during school and 144 off of school. Once I transfer schools and move out of the house I'll be switching all my mods from highway-based to city-based.

I think I've got the rear wheel skirts set and am just debating on materials to use.

I'm thinking some sort of high-density foam covered in fiberglass(I'll probably paint the foam so it doesn't look ugly. One of my brother's friends shapes surfboards, so he'll probably give me some tips)

The rear wheel skirts can probably be made out of wood as long as I have something supporting it. I used to build guitars so that's the only material I'm familiar with.

Ride on!
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