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Is the Caliber's aero really that bad? I was able to climb the mountains through Albuquerque in my Jetta @70mph - smallest engine available (110hp versus the Caliber's 14?) - both cars are about the same weight I believe (awd?). Don't know if I could go faster - I just had my cruise control set the whole time. When I had an HPV on my roof - those same climbs were between 55 and 60mph floored (I was also loaded with a summer's worth of gear ). I hung out in the semi-truck lane Going back down was awesome though

I know that's a comparison between a sedan and hatch - but that makes me even that much more angry at GM

In any case, I personally don't classify a car as a fuel sipper unless it gets >30mpg (my car is on the fence, morso not, without good technique ). It's almost as if the mfr's break 100hp just for the sake of breaking 100 :/

Okay, so your saying my car shifting into it's highest gear while I glide with the pedal off is actually hurting my fuel economy? If It drops the RPM's from 1600 to 750 at 40mph I'm getting worse than pushing the pedal?
Gliding is very different than cruising.... But, and I should have made this more clear (my fault), my comparison was between two different engines. One that can make more power versus one that makes less
Cars have not created a new problem. They merely made more urgent the necessity to solve existing ones.
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