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Engine Analyzer Pro with Pictures

Engine analyzer pro is an engine designer for professionals and engineers to simulate engine dynamometers. I have been playing with this sim for about a week now and have had surprisingly accurate results. Now i must warn people that are interested in such software that EAP is very tedious and you need to know a LOT about your engine to get some accurate results. Also its an expensive piece of software. One main reason i'm using this software was to estimate the brake specific fuel consumption or BSFC for my cars (there are a lot of information that this software can provide, BSFC is only one of many). With EAP You basically edit information such as your short block, heads, intake, exhausts, cams/valves and turbo/supercharger. Then you can get your end performance results after the software analyzes this information. this is just a page from the cam/valve spec section that i filled out:

once you enter the information required as accurately as possible then you can calculate the peformance.

EAP analyzing the engine (dyno):

and here is what i got for results on brake specific fuel consumption, brake torque, fuel flow and volumetric efficiency:

BSFC alone:

so according to this simulation my brake specific fuel consumption (SOHC 2.5L impreza) is lowest at 2200-2400 rpm during wide open throttle. I know it's all a simulation but its pretty interesting still. Also there are a lot more information that EAP provides such as knock index, brake horse power, cylinder pressure, exhaust pressure and so on...


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