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Originally Posted by niky View Post
I've always wondered why anyone would ever need more than 250cc. A good 250 bike will hit 60 mph in seven and a half seconds.
I have a mid 90's CB250, Rebel 250 and a 2007 BMW F650GS Dakar. They all get between 53 and 74mpg depending on twist of the wrist. The Dakar thumper will haul a lot more stuff a whole lot more comfortable. Ive done a saddle sore 1000 on the CB250 and ran a Craig Vetter fuel economy run on the BMW. The only place the CB250 is better is around town if I don't have to haul much. I actually have picked up a small cart full of groceries with the BMW and the check out lady didn't beleive I could fit it on the Dakar. I had room left over.

I don't ride to work since I have to be socially acceptable at work. Hot, humid or rain, etc takes its toll. I get 48mpg +/- commuting with the airconditioning on in my TDi Jetta. I have rode motorcycle in 104 Degree F. I now know what a turkey feels like on Thanksgiving day.
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