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I posted this elsewhere, so I thought I'd bump this thread, too.

A kabinenroller van with open cockpit, front wheel wells, a variable wheelbase and an inflatable 'trunklid'.

In this modern world there is sort of a generalized Rule 34: If you can think of it, it exists out there, somewhere. In the course of my homework, I found a site selling reproductions of the Messerchmitt:
Andy's Modern Microcars

They offer the Isetta and others—I like the Gogo Sport

TG500 Tiger splash shell - £2,900 drive away - £42,000
Messerschmitt Super splash shell - £1250 drive away - £19,500
Now, in case someone might think otherwise, the orig. Messer was noisy, smoky and twitchy. That why I think in terms of a Neu Messerschmitt. While I don't see me doing a complete running, prototype vehicle, a 1/10th scale R/C 'drone' would, for instance, fit through my door.

Using the original steering geometry, if the steering column lay flat on the floor, ending in a 90° gear under the H-point (giggle) the result handlebars would be 50% wider than the dashboard widget. An optimised 4-bar linkage could cause the response to be sluggish straight ahead and progressively high at full lock.
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