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Roof rack?

I'm keeping my old Honda roof rack, since I need it a few times a year.
It's great for long stuff like lumber and rugs.

The bottom area of the running lights looks like it's not smoothed into the
upper sheet metal. But, if it were smooth enough, maybe some 1/8" Plexiglas could cover over those lamp holes to make em slick..

Grill block:
If you have a SG2 to check the radiator temp, I would try closing off the bottom
completely and top half of the upper. Your only air intake would be the lower half of the upper grill (under the logo).

full body of skidplate:
Since you will be driving off road or in snow, a heavy duty metal skid plate is about all you will be able to use. Since blocking up areas underneath with Coro or FG would be too easy to destroy.
Good luck getting one installed, without breaking the bank!

I really liked the look of this one:

But mine is a LOT shorter..

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