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no nickname , it's just a car - '04 volkswagen golf tdi
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hmmm no

$500 for software that does not connect to the car ...
it calculates things based on inputs that are supplied by the user , assuming the software writers did their job correctly ...

the user can see calculations which may or may not be correct or close to correct
neat ? then what ? will you be able to measure or test the results of your tampering to see if there is an improvement in something ? or an UN improvement ?
no you can not not even a little ....

imho it is better to be able to measure what is really happening

another calculated value BUT based on inputs from the actual car MEASURED by the software , if you change something the software will MEASURE it and the values will be reflected in the graph or log or whatever
Escan by ats


SpeedTracer a no extra charge clingon in AutoEnginuity

both have a learning curve , but both of these software s actually connect to your system and measure changes in your system , modifications can be MEASURED and TESTED

software that calculates but does not measure ?
define educated guess. there are online calculators that guess very well ,
results based on user inputs and the online software calculations.
they are free .

you can not accurately calculate VE at partial load .

Test do not guess .

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