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Needed: Mobile-savvy DC-area volunteers interested in car fuel efficiency

Hello. I work for a government agency and we are working on a mobile website intended for people who care a lot about fuel economy / getting the most MPG out of their cars. We are looking for a volunteer in the Greater DC area who is available on Feb. 15 for one hour. Participants will be paid $75.
  • Must own/lease a car or truck
  • Must own a smartphone and/or tablet (strive to get a good mix of devices)
  • Must use mobile device to access online content at least 5 times per week
  • Strong preference for testers who are currently looking to buy a new/used vehicle (for any who aren’t currently looking, must have purchased a vehicle at some point in their lives)
  • Strong preference for testers who have researched advanced vehicles or ways to improve their vehicle’s fuel efficiency within the last year (must at least show an interest in improving their fuel economy)
Interested parties can reach us via firstfridays (at) gsa (dot)gov. Thank you!

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