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Originally Posted by Gealii View Post
I paid $70 for my ultragauge and have already seen a full ROI.
I second this. I am on my first tank of REAL eco driving in my Mustang GT (4.6 V8). I know that I'm only half way through my 1st tank but comparing it to previous tanks I have gone from 4.90g/100m (20.4 mpg) to 4.18g/100m (23.9 mpg). My last 10 tanks going back to early August were 20.8, 20, 20.4, 19.3, 20.6, 20.8, 20.3, 22.7, 21, 22.3. I think I'm off to a good start in below 40 degree temps on winter gas.

I'm driving the mostly same route as before because I'm an unemployed full-time student living on student loans. My only driving is to the Safeway and to my GFs place.

All I did was take out the CAI and re-installed the stock airbox with my ultraguage and play "beat the number" every time I drive. The hills are steep enough that I can coast in neutral for a quarter mile (or more) on local roads and highway. On the local roads, shifts at 2k with a skip from 3rd to 5th. Highway driving capped to 5 over the limit. No EOC at all, anywhere.

I drive about 5000 miles a year in the car (another 3000 on the motorcycle when the weather gets warm) and if I keep this up, I will save about 36 gallons a year (245.0 - 209) and at current prices that is about a $115.
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