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no nickname , it's just a car - '04 volkswagen golf tdi
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no input for aerodynamics

no input for aerodynamics on a chassis dyno or the engine calculation software

you can learn a great deal from scan data
when viewed in real time
before and
after a
tampering event

most tampering reduces FE and power output in the real world
you will never know this unless you have a way to measure it
you can not measure it with out the correct tooling .

you can not guess accurately
the software predicts results based on expensive changes to the engine in your car
changes that will most likely result in problems and reductions in every thing that is good .... then what .... can you un ring the bell ?

it is time consuming to learn theory and then implement it
it is impossible to do if you do not have a way to evaluate
in real world conditions
what you have changed

$400 dollar software VCDS
Knock retard per cylinder and exhaust gas temperature per bank
VW R32 2008 at wide open throttle pass

or graph any other parameter ID from the menu
which software will provide a way to actually test modifications in the real world .... test ? or guess ?
the choice is clear.

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