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You're doing important work here...I think.

Basically the front of canopy will be well radiased down to the drawbar, the front interior of load area will be about 1,200mm sq (4 ft), the rear will maintain rectangular tailgate, 1,200mm (4ft) wide, 350mm (14 inch) high with a hemisphere above, that will take max height to 800mm (2ft 8") at rear.
I can't get a mental picture of that, that is consistent with what I take to be station profiles in the illustrations.

I can say that I raised a similar question in a thread about Why does The Template have to be a half body of revolution? The relevant illustration:

It sounds like your going for the one in the middle.

Picture this: Two spheres one inside the other centered on the pivot point of the hitch (ball, pintel or 5th wheel). The inner one is convex and attached to the tow vehicle; the outer one is concave and attached to the towed vehicle. Enough clearance to maybe toss a beer bottle through and you are done.
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