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Advice on purchase (2004 Civic Hybrid 5sp 78K)

Great site. I've been lurking awhile and even considered a couple projects that some have done (VX swap into sedan). I'm happy with my VX for now, which is a work in progress, but am now looking at an '04 Civic Hybrid 5sp for the wifey.

2004 Civic Hybrid 5sp 78K $9900
. I'm hopeful that the original battery could take me to 125K or so at which point I might check out or something. What do you guys think? KBB/Edmunds/NADA seem to show that is not an unreasonable price (dealer); wanted more input. Rust free, clean interior, but no records? My local Honda 'stealership' told me there is no way to diagnose a faulty IMA battery?!!! No check engine light or anything, but mileage approaching 100k on the original battery spooks me a little. Please move this if I have posted in an inappropriate spot. Thanks.

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