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Cool Hello Ecomodder

Hello everyone my name is Justin I'm 20 years old and I've been searching these forums for a couple weeks and finally joined.

My story:
I never really was too eager to have a car that gets good gas mileage (my only car at the time got ~20 @ 93 oct) until I decided that I needed a daily. I ended up finding an 88 civic dx sedan with 482k miles on it and what seemed to be a good motor.
I averaged averaged 30-35 at first and that wasn't good enough. So I did things to it to improve it, like smaller wheels/tires, weight reduction, actually driving with a little sense haha, etc. I eventually got closer and closer to 40mpg

Then the motor blew up. Completley nuked. Now im stuck driving my other car and average 19mpg @93 octane and it's horrible. I've tasted the joys of great MPGs and now I'm hooked.

So now I am currently doing a d15b obd1 vtec-e swap into it (the vx swap). My goal is to have a working EGR and 5 wire o2. I also plan on putting the HF transmission into the car as the car still has the original transmission in it.
I plan to have this swap finished in the coming weeks. I have probably 60% of what is needed to have the car finished.

I look at my eco modding like this: The more money I save in my Honda means the more money I can put into modding my other car and turning it into the racecar I've always wanted.

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