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Originally Posted by ennored View Post
Don't use the 0176 above QWERTYUIOP, use the numpad. I use it all the time at work, since I use temperatures a lot. But * is faster and we know what is meant.
Tried that on my laptop here (where the numpad is over letter keys) and it opened a History tab and a "save as" window. They say my generation is good at computers but sometimes I just don't know...

Originally Posted by tesla
if the body is 'tall' let width be the dominant factor for the taper
Exactly. That's why the width dominates my illustration. I know you weren't trying to cut it short, either

Tropfenwagen, top. Too bad for the unfaired wheels and other 1920's accessories that dragged it down.

Originally Posted by freebeard
If that doesn't work, press Shift-Option-8.
Is that Mac?

Originally Posted by aerohead
For roofline use of the 'Template',the full body height is the only parameter necessary,pin-pointed at the bodies location of max. camber.
I know we've been over this before, but isn't it important on wagons that the top of the rear portion doesn't "stick out" of the template? Ie, that we have to move it back until it forms a tangent with the trailing edge. Otherwise you have a vertical step before the boat tail starts.

[quote=aerohead]If the 'interference is so great as to be able to closely match top and sides we streamline the main body separately from the greenhouse,creating the 'combination form'.[/aerohead]

What do you mean by interference? Is that another way of saying pressure differential?

"advocated the tail truncation at 50% frontal area wake area to ease driving in traffic and parking issues."

How about you cut the tail in half and the smaller half moves in to nest inside the larger one when you need to park. Kinda like aero Russian nesting dolls.
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