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Then there's Trick Flow Specialties twisted wedge heads. Basically the design is virtually identical to the Ford original, on the exhaust side. The big change is on the intake side where TFS switched the valve angle to lean towards the center instead of towards the outside.

The result is a huge decrease in intake flow restriction which creates a big boost in power. With the right intake manifold and EFI programming I bet it'd also have a big MPG increase too.

A major thing to keep in mind about the "modular" V8 is the engines from each of the two assembly plants have quite a number of differences and some of those different parts are not interchangeable.

When I first heard of Ford's "modular" engines, I had in mind an engine block assembled from several V-twin segments with a front and back end added or special front and back end V-twin modules for mounting the accessories and the transmission. Such a system would make it possible for the manufacturer or aftermarket to make longer engines like a V-12 or V-16 by producing longer cams and cranks and using four V6 or V8 heads.

Nope. Ford's "modular" engines aren't that at all. The V6 and V8 just share the same cylinder spacing and 90 degree angle, just like many other V6 designs that have been made by cutting two cylinders off a V8. By that definition any such V8/V6 pair could claim to be a "modular" design.
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