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It's hard to keep up. I don't think I'd get the attributions right so take this as a general comment. I interpret it this way, until we hear from aerohead himself:
Originally Posted by aerohead
*For body sides plan tapering, we first need to determine the location of max body width.
*And it could be different for the lower body and greenhouse.
*If the 'interference is so great as to be able to closely match top and sides (which will be the case more than not)
Draw an equivalence between the bolded items and your station wagons are included. You'll notice even the Tromphenwagen has a 'shoulder' at the beltline.

I, too, am looking forward to any forth-coming plan taper thread. The Template is a good fail-safe fool-proof fallback position, but it's a ball and chain in real life.

Originally Posted by Sven7
Is that Mac?
That was the joke. Why press 5 keys *in the correct order* when you can press 3 at once.

hotrodfeguy -- It's a fair question. Even with a 1/4 scale model you'd need like 1500hp to move the air. ...through your aquarium?
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